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Meet the future of passenger rail in the United States!

For decades the feasibility of U.S passenger rail has been severely limited due to Federal mandates preventing all but the heaviest locomotives from sharing tracks with freight trains. Self Propelled Diesel Railcars are considerably more efficient to operate than conventional trains and have been a common sight in Europe. However, the FRA requirements have prevented any European models from operating without a lengthy approval process.
The unit pictured above is the first mass produced Diesel Railcar that fully meets FRA standards. It is currently in production by Nippon Sharyo-Sumitomo in Illinois, and has already had a galvanizing effect on passenger rail!.

Inspired by the MBTA Vision for 2024, I tried my own hand at sketching out a map including all the rail lines currently in operation, planning, or construction.
Note: This is still an early draft so much remains to be edited

The exciting vision for expanded rail service by the year 2024 by the MBTA. The major additions include several new “Indigo Lines” which would utilize self-propelled railcars like those currently under construction by Illinois-based Nippon Sharyo-Sumitomo pictured below.

Back when you knew who the enemy was…

New service to the Lakes Region in Maine!

Visualight showing real time MTA bus status

New York City has one of the most comprehensive transit networks in the world, yet the sheer scale of transit options available across the entire metro area is rarely reflected in maps which tend to focus only on individual transit systems. With the Superbowl coming to NJ this year, officials asked legendary designer, Massimo Vignelli’s firm to design a map that highlights the connections between NJ and Manhattan.

Vignelli is well known for his excellent design for the NYC Transit signage. Lesser known was an inspired design for the NYC Subway system that many designers believe is easier to use.


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